Updates and News

11 September, 2003 Well, today being today, I really should have drawn our dear protagonist again, but nothing I started looked even remotely decent. I wrote a lot about my experiences of two years ago, but that is not overly relevant to DP. I did, however, receive an amazing pic of 9-11 from Sean Rubin, who is an absolutely amazing illustrator and a cool guy. So all of you should go look at the gallery, and at his own gallery, too.

18 August, 2003 It's finished. The entire graphic novel is finished. On location, at that. I still can't believe it. There will probably be some more minor updates to this site (ie. reuploads of pages with mistakes, fiddling with the layout, random pictures, etc), but the official graphic novel itself is complete.

22 June, 2003 The segment involving February 29th (which is NOT Chapter Six, so it's not over yet) is now up.

7 June, 2003 September 11th has his own blog now. Take a look.

18 May, 2003 And so we have CHAPTER FIVE! Don't kill me because I'm slow...

19 April, 2003 One new picture uploaded to the other art section, and one uploaded a while ago to the fan art page. Chapter Five will be up later than I expected, as finals and preparation for finals are eating my free time. It should be up in early May. I hope. Don't kill me.

27 March, 2003 Chapter Five is still in the works. Uploaded one more original pic, though, and one more fan pic. I'm still amazed that I have fan pics at all! *hugs Arrin*

22 March, 2003 Chapter Five is in progress, but probably won't be up for a few more weeks. I did, however, upload a bunch more stuff to the other DP art page.

6 March, 2003 The personality quiz is up and fully fuctional, images included.

1 March, 2003 A short interlude featuring February 26th is now up.

20 February, 2003 Chapter Four is up!

15 February, 2003 Kadharonon is awesome. Because she gave me three fan pictures and RPed with me on the MUSH. The pics and the log are now up. And I have colored four pages of Chapter Four.

13 February, 2003 Fixed broken links on various parts of the site. Added the section about the MUSH. Almost ready to start coloring Chapter Four. Whee!

4 February, 2003 Clearly at 1:15 on a school night there's nothing better to do than to revamp one's website. Er...Well, I did anyway. And it looks good. That's all for now.